January 2015
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About me

The Kitchen Princess and Her Pie!

What’s for dinner tonight?  If your answer is “reservations”  because the very thought of turning on your oven has you rummaging through your junk drawer for takeout menus,  maybe I can help.

My name is Kate Battistelli and I’m a wife,  mother and a lover of food,  family,  entertaining and home preserving.  My goal is to help you provide your family with healthy,  delicious,  made-from-scratch meals every day of the week.

Oh,  and I’m in love with home canning.  I have a pantry shelf full of jams,  preserves and pickles.  I love the idea of putting food by and having wonderful homemade goodies for gifts.  It’s easier to do than you think!

Cooking is my passion and I use real butter,  organic meats,  local produce and dairy.  Lots of veggies,  real garlic and fresh herbs.  You’ll find classics like Chicken Noodle Soup and homemade pies and originals like Golden and Delicious French Toast Muffins and Kitchen Princess Hot and Smoky Black Beans.

I’ll show you basic techniques and step-by-step photos that will have you cooking and making things from scratch in no time!

I have a wonderful husband,  Mike,  who works hard and makes my world a very comfortable place to be.  He is my chief food-tester and he gives the thumbs up or down on every recipe.  I could say he is the Kitchen Prince but he makes me laugh so much I have to call him the Court Jester!

I am blessed to have a lovely daughter,  Francesca BattistelliShe is married to Matthew Goodwin and he is proving to be a champion husband and son-in-law.  She is a recording artist in the Contemporary Christian genre and he musically directs her band,  plays drums for her,  produces music and is a graphic artist.  They have given us a beautiful grandson named Matthew Elijah who is the light of our lives!

Matt and Francesca, Kate and Mike Battistelli and baby Eli

I’m a pursuer of God in a big way.  I’ve learned that nothing can satisfy my soul’s longing more than Him.  I know that no matter what,  God is Good.  Always.  Circumstances aren’t always good but He is.  And,  He never changes!

I’ve written a book called Growing Great Kids, published by Charisma House and it’s designed to inspire parents to partner with God to mine the greatness in their children by raising them to reach their highest potential.  Our journey with Francesca and taking her from a little girl who loved to dance and sing to becoming a Grammy nominated  and Dove award winning artist with 5 top ten hits in Christian music is my inspiration!   Mike and I learned so much through the years and I want to share our journey with parents who believe that there is greatness and destiny residing in their child.

I love music and theatre and the performing arts.  Back in the day I was an actress in New York City and traveled for 2 1/2 years with Yul Brynner in The King and I as Anna.  That was a long time ago but it’s where I met my husband and where we began our life journey together.  I’ve had a whole other life since those days and you know what?  I wouldn’t change a thing!

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